The 巴黎人官方下载文理学院 empowers you to explore different ways of understanding and changing the world 你周围的 through programs in which you’ll take charge of your education and define your career goals and how to meet them.

Through experiential learning, community engagement, hands-on research, internships, and other educational opportunities, you will be prepared to be a life-long learner. Your program curriculum will challenge you to become a critical thinker, a better communicator, and an engaged citizen that draws from multiple fields—STEM disciplines, the humanities, the fine and performing arts—to make informed decisions and address 复杂的问题.


Math with a conscience—Westminster’s valuable approach to mathematics seeks to provide opportunities for underrepresented populations to access math and allows students to begin thinking about math as a tool to address social inequities. 教师教 in ways that will trigger problem-solving skills and logic while encouraging creativity 以及对抽象概念的探索.




独特的文科 WCore课程 that every Westminster student takes as a part of their studies are extremely valuable 给文理专业的学生. WCore classes focus on synthesis, communication, and research, helping you develop the skills crucial for relating to the people and world 你周围的.


Westminster undergraduate arts and sciences programs prepare you to beg在你的职业生涯.


Westminster’s graduate arts and sciences programs will expand your professional opportunities 在你的职业生涯.



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秋季和春季上课时间: 周一至周五,7:30.m.–6:30 p.m.

五月及夏季工作时间: 周一至周五,早上7:30.m.–5:00 p.m.