The 学生赋权系列 helps Westminster students learn about financial empowerment, regardless of their major or career interests. 由 金融健康中心比尔和维芙·戈尔商学院, this series offers online courses in budgeting, credit and savings, paying for your college degree, and preparing for the job market.

Each course is free to Westminster students, self-paced, non-credit bearing, and doesn’t 要求您注册或申请. Through a series of engaging short videos and practical application tools, you will learn practical financial skills to help you navigate your campus life 和 path you take after graduation.


The 预算、信贷和储蓄 course will help students learn essential skills, and create a more satisfying and productive experience at college and beyond.

本课程的教师包括 理查德·哈斯克尔博士.D, with contributions from accounting and finance students.