group of students sitting on the grass on campus


凯瑟琳·W. 杜姆克公民参与中心 is a campus resource that facilitates volunteer opportunities, student-run service programs, community-engaged learning, and other civic engagement activities for the Westminster community. 我们的使命是 to enhance student education through community-based learning and leadership opportunities.


  • Host events addressing the challenges of our community members
  • Provide both short- and long-term volunteering opportunities to students, faculty, 员工和社区
  • Run student-leadership programs through budgeting, mentorship, and faculty involvement
  • Help faculty incorporate community-engaged learning elements into their curriculum
  • Recognize outstanding students and committed volunteers who promote civic engagement

Students have logged more than 450,000 hours of community engagement work over the 过去7年(截至2021年).

group of students working on a project at large table


The Center for Civic 订婚 debuted as Westminster’s Volunteer Center in 1999 and expanded with the university’s growing desire to improve our community. In 2015, 凯瑟琳·W. “Kay” Dumke blessed our center with the means to continue expanding our 承诺. Kay devoted her life to making the Salt Lake community a better place. In honor of her legacy, we named our program the 凯瑟琳·W. 杜姆克市政中心 订婚. Our Carnegie Classification in 社区参与 and President’s Honor Roll of 社区参与 awards reflect Westminster’s academic 承诺 to shaping 意识的公民.