The Westminster Tanner-McMurrin讲座 on the history and philosophy of religion were established at 巴黎人手机APP of Salt Lake City in 1987 as a means of bringing major scholars—in the fields of history and philosophy of religion—to deliver public lectures and conduct seminars on basic issues in religious thought and practice.

The lecturers are appointed for the national and international recognition of their scholarly achievements without regard to ethnic, national, religious, or ideological 注意事项.

讲座免费向公众开放. 讲师可以举办研讨会 in which others who have special interests relating to the subject of the lecture 受邀参加. 它们被出版并提供给图书馆和 the general public, or they will be published in electronic form and made available, 免费,供有兴趣人士阅读.

The lecture is administered by the President of 巴黎人手机APP, who chairs a select committee which is responsible for lectureship policies and the selection 在讲师中. 该讲师职位的永久资助来自 已故的博士. 罗伯特·克拉克·坦纳,前哈佛大学哲学名誉教授 犹他大学,以及已故的格蕾丝·亚当斯·坦纳. 讲师职位是为了纪念而命名的 已故博士. 英镑米. 麦克默林是E. E. 埃里克森杰出教授 犹他大学名誉教授,前美国教育专员. Dr. McMurrin was a trustee emeritus of 巴黎人手机APP and a former colleague of Dr. 坦纳在哲学系(犹他大学).

The Lecture series was inaugurated in the Fall of 1989 by Professor Martin Marty (University 芝加哥大学名誉教授). 最近,该系列的讲师包括Rene Girard, Michael Walzer, Diana Eck, Arvind Sharma, Michael Doyle, Elaine Pagels, Seyla Benhabib, 拉比大卫·诺瓦克和老. 海伦Prejean.

Over the past 15 years, encouraged and advised by Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish, daughter 的阿.C. 格蕾丝·坦纳博士. 迈克尔·波维奇扩大了捐赠的范围 lecture series to include other occasions of public discourse as worthy of support 通过讲座捐赠. 我们相信,通过多样化我们对其他形式的支持 of public discourse as we have, and as these are described above, we are still adhering 感谢奥伯特和格蕾丝·坦纳夫妇慷慨捐赠的精神. 支持 has been provided for events open to the public at the University of Utah, Utah Valley 以及盐湖城社区学院.


In his forthcoming book, The Afterlife of Race: An Informed Philosophical 搜索 (OUP, fall 2023), Lionel McPherson argues that the perpetual stigmatized, wealthless condition 对美国黑人的歧视最好理解为一种种姓现象. 种姓引起人们的注意 intergenerational nature and national specificity of the Black American situation, rooted in inherited slavery and enforced segregation; “race,” by contrast, traffics 在黑暗中. 正如麦克弗森解释的那样,种族阴谋起到了分散注意力的作用 the subjugation, exploitation, and non-repair of the historical American “Slaves” caste—by (mis)directing focus to some global antiblack racism phenomenon of lesser 重要性.

Drawing on her work on the American criminal punishment system (The Limits of Blame: Rethinking Punishment and Responsibility (Harvard, 2018)), Erin Kelly explains that 指责政治与美国的种姓制度有关. 也就是说,它坚持从属关系 美国黑人是美国奴隶制的后裔. 布莱克蒙受了耻辱 Americans works by merging distinctions between act, person, and group, which practices 严厉的惩罚鼓励. 其结果是大规模定罪正常化 and incarceration, as well as denial of equal democratic citizenship to Black Americans 作为一个群体.

乔尔·H. 罗森塔尔是卡内基国际事务伦理委员会主席. He is also adjunct professor at New York University and chairman of the Bard College 全球化和国际事务(BGIA)项目. 他收到了 他在耶鲁大学获得博士学位.A. 哈佛大学毕业. 作为一名学者和教师, Rosenthal has focused on ethics in US foreign policy, with special emphasis on issues 战争与和平,人权与多元主义.

His first book Righteous Realists (1991) is a study of Hans Morgenthau, George Kennan, 莱茵霍尔德·尼布尔,以及其他美国现实主义者. 他编辑的《巴黎人官方下载》一书 International Affairs: A Reader (Georgetown University Press; 3rd edition, co-edited by Christian Barry) is a compilation of essays from major figures in the field and 在高校课程中广泛使用. 2016年,他被任命为多塞特 达特茅斯学院研究员.

His numerous national and international awards include the Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Studies Association in 2019 for his life-time achievement in International Studies and an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Social Science from the 爱丁堡大学. 他是卡内基理事会旗舰刊物的主编 journal, Ethics and International Affairs, published by Cambridge University Press. Its articles have appeared over 1,100 times in hundreds of university syllabi in 28 国家.

This lecture investigates the climate of simmering anger that disfigures most modern 民主国家,通过指责和攻击不受欢迎的群体来表达自己. 努斯鲍姆 argues that a philosophical analysis of anger and its roots in the experience of powerlessness 能帮助我们继续前进吗. 从希腊悲剧中的一个例子开始 retributive anger is refashioned into constructive work and hope, she will focus on 报应性欲望在大多数日常愤怒中的作用. 她认为 the desire for payback is counter-productive since replicating the offense does not 改正它. She then looks at the roots of retributive desires in experiences of helplessness. 她认为 there are just one species of anger that 能帮助我们继续前进吗. Called “Transition-Anger” because it faces toward the future, it has the following 内容:“这太离谱了! 这种事绝不能再发生.这种类型的愤怒回避 报复性思维支持建设性的工作和希望. 她展示了它的相关性 通过研究美国. S. 民权运动和马丁·路德·金的思想 Jr.

玛莎C. 努斯鲍姆是Ernst Freund杰出服务法学教授 Ethics, appointed in the Law School and Philosophy Department at the University of 芝加哥. 她是神学院古典学系的副教授 the Political Science Department, a Member of the Committee on Southern Asian Studies, 也是人权项目的董事会成员. 她获得了纽约大学的文学学士学位 哈佛大学硕士和博士学位. 她曾任教于哈佛大学,布朗大学 牛津大学.

Professor 努斯鲍姆 is an Academician in the Academy of Finland, a Fellow of the British Academy, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American 哲学社会. 除了获得无数国内和国际奖项外, she has received over 60 honorary degrees from colleges and universities in the US, 加拿大,拉丁美洲,亚洲,非洲和欧洲. 她在哲学,法律,教育, gender studies, and other related areas are among the most important and influential 这些领域的出版物.