yoga studio with indoor pool out the window



Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are interested in working out, eating right and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

We are thrilled to have a dedicated 健康 Floor now. 2楼Carleson是一个健康 themed residential hall for any student interested in overall healthy living.

If you are a Westminster student and like working out, eating healthy, playing sports or just like health and fitness in general, this floor is for you.

Some of the activities we will be doing this year include:

  • 去农贸市场
  • 瑜伽和冥想课程
  • 集团经营
  • 团体健身班
  • 校内的运动
  • 烹饪课
  • 和更多的

If you are interested in living on the 健康 Floor, we would love to have you. 联系 居住生活 了解更多信息.

For more student wellness tips and advice, check out this 《巴黎人官方下载》.

For student nutrition tips and advice, check out this 学生营养指南.


Westminster 教职员工: Did you know you can earn wellness points for things you are already doing—like getting your teeth cleaned, wearing a seat belt or reading 一本书? 的n you can redeem those wellness points for great incentives like massages, 礼品卡或健身器材!

员工健康计划 是绝对免费参与的吗. So sign up today and start keeping track of 你的观点.